EFEBy Hector Pereira Caracas

Francisco Machado brings a great deal of passion to his role as a doctor, but he is equally dedicated and enthusiastic when putting on a wig, makeup and a dress and transforming himself into his feminine alter ego Vitiliga.

"I'm 27 years old and I'm a medical surgeon and I'm also a drag queen," he said in revealing that other side of himself on Twitter on May 5.

Along with the message, he uploaded a pair of photos - one of him wearing a tie and a white lab coat and another in which he is wearing a blond wig, a red dress and heavy makeup around the eyes.

More than 1,000 Twitter users have posted their comments under that pinned tweet thus far, most of which have praised him for his courage.

Although he insists on keeping his feminine personality separate from the man that he is, those spheres are the two faces of a committed activist who wants to spark change in his country and is putting all of his energies into that pursuit.