EFEBy Jorge Gil Angel. Bogotá

Victims of Colombia’s armed conflict and former FARC guerrillas took to the central Plaza de Bolívar in Bogotá on Wednesday armed with beer and food, clothing and handicrafts to sell, almost five years after the signing of the peace agreement.

Blanca Nubia Díaz, one of the 70 entrepreneurs participating in the first Emprende Paz (Embark on Peace) Festival, seeks justice for her daughter Irina del Carmen Villero Díaz, who she says was lost at the hands of paramilitaries in May 2001 in a rural area in the municipality of Albania, in the Caribbean department of La Guajira.

Díaz, who has lived in Bogotá for 20 years, arrived at the festival to sell handmade bags and bracelets that she embroiders herself.

"We tell in the fabrics our stories, our suffering, what we have been through (...) These spaces are of great help," she tells Efe about the woven and embroidered products that she and other women make and sell.