Almost two decades after becoming the first and only Black woman to win the Oscar for Best Actress, and after a roller-coaster career, Halle Berry has made her directorial debut with her Netflix film Bruised.

Berry also took on the lead role of Jackie Justice, a disgraced MMA fighter looking for redemption in the ring in the movie set for worldwide release on the streaming platform on Wednesday.

Berry sat down with Efe to explore some of the topics addressed by the movie.

QUESTION: How much of Jackie the fighter is inside of yourself?

ANSWER: A lot. That is probably why I gravitated towards a story like this for my debut. I got advice from some directors that I widely admire and what they told me was for your debut let it be a subject you love and a subject you know. So, I would say a lot of me is in this fighter.

Q: How was the experience of directing?

A: It was what I expected, hard. I knew it was going to be hard, especially because I was also acting in it, so my days were extremely long with my training and then having to go to my director job and just preparing the role as an actor as I always do. It was challenging but I really knew how hard it would be.EFE