EFEBy Javier Romualdo. Los Angeles, US

Since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was formed in 1927, one of its objectives, in addition to awarding the Oscars, was to inaugurate a museum dedicated to cinema. Now, more 90 years later, that has come to fruition with a spectacular building designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano.

Although other cities in the world such as Paris, Beijing and Turin have for years had museums dedicated to cinema, Los Angeles, home to Hollywood, lacked one. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will put an end to this incongruity with a center that hopes to become one of the main tourist attractions of the Californian metropolis.

The director of the new institution, Bill Kramer, hailed it as "an instant landmark … a must-see destination for residents and visitors alike" on Tuesday at a preview of the 300,000-square-foot museum that has cost $400 million.