efe-epaFrankfurt (Germany)

A white horse that lives in the western German city of Frankfurt has been enjoying going for daily walks all by itself for the past 14 years, an epa-efe photojournalist reported on Tuesday.

Jenny, a 22-year-old Arabian mare, goes out for a stroll every morning in the Fechenheim district in the east of the populous city, which is Germany's financial hub.

Her owner, Werner Weischedel, lets her out of her stable each morning, allowing her to go out unsupervised for her exercise.

"My name is Jenny, I have not run away, just going for a walk, thanks," reads a handwritten note written in German attached to her bridle, which she takes along for the walk to inform passersby that she has not escaped from somewhere and that her owner knows exactly what she is up to.

Jenny walks among pedestrians, cars and trams.

Images captured by an epa-efe photojournalist showed the horse wandering along a street near pedestrians and walking beside a tram.

The daily activity was followed by a much-needed snack back at her stables and her owner, Weischedel, cleaned off her hooves.

According to local media reports, Jenny is well-known locally, but every now and then someone gets in touch with the police, concerned about the animal's welfare.

Police have had to tell pedestrians worried about the horse that she is not dangerous, according to the English language version of German news site DW.

Jenny recently garnered attention on the internet and her unsupervised walks have been met with criticism from animal rights groups.

A spokesperson for the police, Isabell Neumann told Germany's national news agency dpa that they have never needed to intervene or do anything about the situation of the horse going for walks by itself.

The Arabian is one of the oldest breeds of horse in the world and it originates from the Middle East.

Frankfurt is a bustling city in western Germany that is home to many banks and businesses, as well as the headquarters of the European Central Bank.