In the months following a car accident that rendered her disabled, Lucky the dog lay on the floor of her home in Thailand unable to move. But now, she is one of hundreds of pets across the country benefiting from a free and innovative wheelchair.

Bunchuay Jitmongman found the former street dog lying on the road after being hit by a car about four months ago. The accident left her with only one working leg, with one amputated and the other two unusable because of spinal cord injuries.

In spite of her condition, Jitmongman brought the dog home and named her Lucky.

"How could I leave her? She's just a dog and she suffered a lot," Jitmongman said Tuesday.

"We humans can find something to eat when we're hungry but Lucky, what if she's hungry? She won't be able to find any food. She will stay hungry if I don't keep her."

While there long seemed to be little hope for Lucky ever becoming mobile again, on Saturday the pet's namesake proved true.

At Bangkok's Mahidol University, Lucky was kitted out with a free wheelchair designed by local vet Warangkhana Phannanich.

Phannanich works with volunteers from local charity Chakr Foundation who build and fit wheelchairs for animals free of charge and hold training sessions once a month in constructing the simple design.

She began designing animal wheelchairs three-and-a-half years ago. The vet, who was also studying for a masters degree in engineering at the time, said she was treating numerous pets who had lost limbs and found that the only wheelchair on the market was difficult to find and out of the price range of most of her customers.

Phannanich's design uses cheap PVC tubes, which are harnessed to the dog's body and maneuvered with wheels.

Since last year, Chakr's Wheelchair for Pets program has provided wheelchairs to hundreds of animals, including dogs, cats and even rabbits.

According to Phannanich, they now receive 20 requests a month for new wheelchairs.

While Lucky is still getting used to the wheelchair, both owner and vet have high hopes that she will be back on the move again soon.