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Lufthansa airline on Wednesday in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza began disassembling the Boeing 737 that four Palestinian terrorists hijacked in 1977 with 87 people on board and which will now be shipped back to Germany.

A group of Lufthansa engineers arrived in Fortaleza, in northeastern Brazil, to collect the pieces of the aircraft, which was hijacked during its flight from Mallorca to Frankfurt by a Palestinian commando group who demanded the release of imprisoned members of West Germany's Red Army terrorist group.

The plane has been stored at the Fortaleza airport for years and, after it is disassembled, it will be shipped to Germany, where it is expected to be put on display for the 40th anniversary of the hijacking.

A group of Lufthansa workers on Wednesday removed one of the plane's wings and could finish their work before the end of the month.

The jet was hijacked at the height of the terror campaign by the leftist Red Army against West German authorities.

The air pirates diverted the plane to Somalia, where an elite German anti-terrorist brigade assaulted it five days after the hijacking.

Three of the four Palestinian hijackers died in the assault, but not before they had killed one of the plane's crewmembers in cold blood.