The luxurious residential tower being built in the Uruguayan coastal town of Punta del Este by the real estate group headed by U.S. billionaire and presidential candidate Donald Trump will be "the best building in South America," Eric Trump, one of the businessman's sons and a promoter of the project, told EFE.

When the seaside skyscraper that has been under construction for several months is completed, it will have 24 stories with 154 luxury apartments plus two exclusive penthouses, as well as 10,000 sq. meters (107,500 sq. feet) of amenities including gymnasiums, tennis courts, restaurants, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa and even a private heliport.

Fine finishes like marble imported from Italy, artisan carpentry, premium accessories and a glass curtain wall covering the facade are other elements adding to the tower's exclusivity.

"We have the best view, we're right on the beach...we're building what will be by far the best building in South America," this member of the Trump family, currently visiting Punta del Este to promote this enterprise, said.

The choice of this seaside location, a magnet for tourists with great purchasing power from Uruguay, the region and the world, was not done by chance, since the country where the tower is going up "is incredibly safe and stable" with "a very low crime rate" and welcomes foreign investment, Eric Trump said.

"That means we can build and sell a product. It means we can rid our projects of a ton of risks and variables. This country is just fantastic," the businessman said.

Not in vain is Punta del Este known as "the Monte Carlo or the Saint-Tropez of South America," considering the "amount of money, influence and international visitors" in circulation here, Trump said.

That is precisely the target group for Trump Tower apartments, which in all represent an investment of around $100 million, and whose units vary from $419,000 to some $2 million.