efe-epaCancun, Mexico

An individual was killed in an incident of mob violence in the southeastern Mexican resort city of Cancun, where a crowd attacked a Russian man who had insulted Mexicans with racist videos posted online, local authorities said.

Alexei Makeev, a Russian resident of Cancun, suffered serious injuries after being dragged from his home and attacked with sticks and stones. He was rescued by municipal police, according to local media.

During the incident, a young man was stabbed by Makeev and later died at hospital Friday while receiving emergency first aid, municipal authorities confirmed.

The crowd gathered outside the home as part of a demonstration organized on social media to demand that authorities deport Makeev, who used the online handle #LordNaziRuso and was known for uploading videos to YouTube that showed him insulting Mexicans.

The Quintana Roo state Attorney General's Office confirmed that Makeev had been arrested on several occasions for violent behavior, including by immigration officers, but said he had not been deported because he is a legal resident.

In the videos, Makeev can be seen shouting insults at several women - one with a baby in her arms - in public places in Cancun; he also uploaded photos of himself surrounded by Nazi paraphernalia and dressed in military garb.

Makeev also is seen in the video footage verbally insulting the Mexican people in general.