EFEBy Eduard Ribas i Admetlla. Mexico City

Pikachu, Batman, Winnie the Pooh and a unicorn queued under a tent in the south of Mexico City on Thursday to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Under a yellow suit, long ears and the unmistakable red cheeks of the most popular Pokémon, Roberto took the plunge to get a jab, despite his fears.

"I like Pikachu and it gives me courage because I don't like needles. I like to dress up so I don't get scared," said the 24-year-old cook, who at the last moment decided on the famous electric mouse over Darth Vader.

To encourage the vaccination of young people, the mayor of Xochimilco called on the public to dress up for their innoculation, with books and pajamas delivered to those who garner the most 'likes' on social media.