EFEBy Helen Cook. New York City, US

The music world came together on Saturday to highlight the imperative need to end hunger and defend the planet with Global Citizen Live, a 24-hour global event in which more than 70 artists performed in 15 cities.

In New York City, Coldplay, Billie Eilish, Jennifer Lopez and Paul Simon, among others, sang to a 60,000-strong crowd.

Cindy Lauper performed "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and "True Colors," which she dedicated to the women and girls of Afghanistan, although her voice was drowned by the instruments.

Although most people had come to Central Park to see their favorite artists perform, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also created a stir when they appeared on stage to call for equality in the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

"While in this country and many others, you can go almost anywhere and get vaccinated, billions of people around the world cannot," Markle told the tens of thousands of people gathered at the iconic park.

"This year, the world's expected to produce enough doses to meet the target of vaccinating 70 percent of people in every single country. But it is wrong that so much of the vaccine supply has only gone to just 10 wealthy nations so far, and not everyone else. It's just not OK," she added.

In line with the theme of a united world, British band Coldplay, one of the biggest draws, performed with several artists, including Zambian singer Esther Chungu, who sang "Jehovah."

They also performed their new single "My Universe," a collaboration with star K-pop group BTS, as well as some of their classics, including "Yellow" and "Clocks," which was joined by acclaimed Chinese pianist Lang Lang.