efe-epaPompeii, Italy

Archaeologists have uncovered a set of frescoes in the House of the Enchanted Garden in an excavation near Porta Vesuvio in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, 23 kilometers (14 miles) from Naples, as seen in images made available by epa-efe.

Archaeologists discovered a house with a large lararium, a room which would have been a shrine dedicated to the guardian deities known as Lares who were thought to protect homes and fields in ancient Roman culture.

According to the Pompeii Archaeological Park, the discovery is a "unique and magical place."

The lararium was the most important room in the house in ancient Rome, and was often decorated with colorful frescoes to create a tranquil place for mediative though and worship.

In the newly discovered Roman ruins, two golden snakes feature prominently under the lararium's altar.

The snakes are thought to represent the genius loci, a spirit believed to protect places and homes by the Romans.

As well as scenes of chirping birds and parading peacocks, a more violent scene on a deep red background features a fight between a boar and a golden beast.