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The isolation lived by millions of people from the impact of the pandemic has shown the human race the need to communicate and interact with others to improve their own mental health.

Communication with friends and family has turned language into a new medicine

for all the people locked down in their houses for months, said Alberto Varela, investigator, speaker, writer and founder of several therapeutical, motivational and spiritual schools all over the world.

"Millons of messages, texts, calls, and video conferences have activated a new type of language to create the feeling of being together”, claims Varela in an interview with Efe.

"People from all over the world became connected with words of support and strength to keep on going, fighting their loneliness and the desperation of an uncertain future”

Definitely, Covid-19 has transformed everything, even the way of communicating with more sensibility what we feel. At the same time, language has mutated and evolved even more than the virus, humankind has come together as a specie in search of solutions using language as a transforming factor for its own survival.

After interacting with thousands of people and with millions of followers in social media, Varela shows in his documental “The Sixth Power”, about to be released in a special premiere event online on April 22, that “ this new power belongs to individuals that have found freedom through the use of conscious language”.

Varela affirms that, if we are really choosing consciously what we say and the way we say it, language is key to debilitate or strengthen the immune system, that is why it could be one of the main factors to activate or deactivate the new mutations of the Covid-19 virus.


"The reconciling, correcting or motivating power of the word is still a mystery, even scientists have not been able to decode it yet", affirms Alberto Varela .

Language – he continues - is what make us different from other species and it is a very powerful tool that can be used as a weapon to destroy and dominate, but also as a way to create and to awaken”.

However, on an individual level, its power as a tool toward the liberation of all the programs we have in the unconscious, and that those which govern our decisions and destiny, has not yet been deepened into.

"Language is an algorithm of Consciousness to edit the unconscious where language is at  the service of intelligence to liberate us from limitations”, he affirms.

As the director of an international organization of hundreds of experts in personal growth, Alberto Varela put in practice the therapeutical use of the word to avoid being infected by the illness of the unconscious language, and to transcend fears, beyond the effects of the virus.

Supported by a group of doctors, psychologists and therapists, he took advantage of the pandemic to dig into the depth of the collective unconscious of his group putting his theory into practice.

Alberto Varela defines Language as an intelligent being of collective consciousness, which is alive within each one of us and has the power to access the root cause of the human problematic, especially when it is connected to the individual potential to create a new reality without limits.

After watching the presentation there will be a discussion panel with renowned academics, scientists and language experts to talk about this revolutionary practice of Alberto Varela’s theory where conscious language is used as a scalpel to remove from the roots and with surgical precision programs in form of thoughts, which are installed in the unconscious and have been implanted in the human mind since childhood through the word.

Varela’s proposal is based upon the importance of de-identifying people from their minds and what they think through the process of giving a new meaning to the words and to reformulate new linguistic algorithms in the subconscious. “It is not reprogramming but an intelligent deprogramation from consciousness, erasing and liberating all the limited and self destructive programs”, he concluded.

For more information about Alberto Varela:

 www.albertojosevarela.com and www.academiaalverto.com