Peruvian sorcerers and shamans gathered Monday on the coast near Lima to perform a ritual for predicting the winner of the U.S. presidential election, but the results, like those of many polls in the United States, were unclear.

The group traveled to the beach in Chorrillos, a district located south of Lima, placing images of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her Republican challenger, Donald Trump, on the sand.

Shaman Juan Osco consulted the stars and connected with the candidates' spirits before saying that Clinton would emerge the winner on Tuesday night.

Medicine man Marino de los Santos, however, picked up a different vibe, concluding that Trump would win because of his "spiritual strength."

"This is a mystical ritual under the moon, which is favorable to Hillary winning tomorrow, and her karma is favored," Osco told EFE while performing the ritual.

There is "a favorable planet" on the side of the Democratic candidate because she "emanates confidence, conscience," Osco said.

"With some rituals, we have visualized that she is the one who must be elected so there will be peace and everything will go well in the United States, with the immigrants, the Latinos. The entire world favors and awaits her election," the shaman said.

De los Santos, who is from the northern region of Ancash, divined a different electoral outcome, saying that Trump would win the U.S. presidential race.

"It is necessary that this man be president, because he endured much and fell down, and now he is once again up. We have given him spiritual power so that it will give him strength, power," the medicine man said.

De los Santos said the skulls he uses in his rituals showed him that Trump "is going to be the new president," adding that Clinton "lacks much" to occupy the White House.