French-Polish film director Roman Polanski on Wednesday testified before a court in Krakow, Poland), which is deliberating on the extradition request made by the United States, which seeks to prosecute the cineast for the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old minor he allegedly committed in California in 1977.

The court had previously noted that it would not reach its final decision on the extradition request on Wednesday, adding that the process will be delayed because of the need to translate case documents.

Under Polish law, even if the judge rules in favor of the U.S.' request for extradition, Polish Justice Minister Grabarczyk Czesary will have the final say on greenlighting the process or not.

If the court refuses to extradite the filmmaker, the decision will be final and binding.

The Oscar-winning director appeared in court in a closed hearing, as per his lawyer's request, to safeguard his privacy in light of the intense media interest in the case.

In today's hearing, it is expected that Polish prosecutors present the reasons why they have begun processing the request for extradition by the United States, in addition to hearing the claims raised by the director's defense attorneys.

The extradition request was filed last January, and after being admitted by the Krakow prosecution, it was referred to the competent court in the same city.

In recent months, Polanski has been spending lengthy periods of time in Krakow, where he is preparing to shoot a new film while renting the apartment he lived in as a child.