A polar bear cub ventured out into the open for the first time on Friday, giving visitors at a zoo in the capital of Germany their first glimpse of the small animal that has not yet been named.

The young polar bear which was born on Dec. 1 is set to be, from Saturday, able to spend time in the outside part of her enclosure on a daily basis, the Tierpark Berlin animal park said in a statement.

"It's the moment the whole country has been waiting for: this morning, Tierpark Berlin's new polar bear cub left the den with her mother Tonja (9) and explored the outside world for the very first time," a zoo statement said.

The director of the zoo Andreas Knieriem said that Friday was "an extremely special day" and the team was "delighted that visitors will finally get to see our little polar bear this weekend," according to the statement.

The young bear's introduction to fresh air comes after she spent three and a half months in a den with her mother.

According to Tierpark Berlin, the bear quickly went about exploring her surroundings in a new section of her enclosure and got into the large pool of water there for a refreshing dip while her mother supervised.

Polar bear curator, Florian Sicks, said the zoo was happy with the fluffy white cub's development.

"She has become so active and confident on her own four paws that it was clearly time for her to get outdoors," Sicks said in a statement.

Polar bear cubs know instinctively how to swim, according to Sicks.

Images captured by an epa photojournalist showed the small bear making its way around the enclosure under the gaze of her mother.

"Since outdoor adventures are rather tiring for small bears, the cub will still need to take regular rests with her mother in their den," the zoo said.

The bear's name and sponsor were expected to be agreed upon and revealed early next month.

The cub's father, Wolodja, now resides at a zoo in the Netherlands.

Polar bear fathers are not usually involved in rearing cubs in the wild.