efe-epaHo Chi Minh, Vietnam

An international human rights group on Monday condemned attacks on bloggers and activists in Vietnam, as it called on the government to carry out impartial investigations and bring those responsible to justice.

In a new report, Human Rights Watch (HRW) detailed 36 incidents in which campaigners and bloggers were attacked by unknown men between January 2015 and April 2017.

"It's bad enough that activists in Vietnam have to risk prison for speaking out, but now they have to risk their safety on a daily basis simply for exercising their basic rights," said HRW Asia Director Brad Adams.

"The Vietnamese government needs to make it clear that it will not tolerate this kind of behavior and bring to an end this campaign against rights campaigners," he added in a statement.

In the report, victims describe how they were beaten in the presence of uniformed policemen, who never intervened or came to their defense.

One of the most recent cases is that of activists Huynh Thanh Phat and Tran Hoang Phuc who were abducted while waiting for a bus in central Vietnam.

A group of masked men put them in a van and beat them up before leaving them in the woods.

Adams stressed that these activists will not abandon their cause despite the persecution they suffer, as he called on donor countries and Vietnam's trading partners to urge Hanoi to "stop the beatings and to hold these violent assailants accountable."