A music video criticizing Egypt's president by a singer who came to fame during the country's 2011 demonstrations has gone viral, on Saturday reaching over 2.68 million views on YouTube in the run-up to the presidential election to begin March 26.

Egyptian musician Ramy Essam published the video for his caustically sarcastic rock song on Feb. 26, which is titled in Arabic "Balaha," meaning the fruit from a date palm tree and a well-known nickname for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in reference to an insane character in an Egyptian film.

In his song, Essam criticized al-Sisi and called for the departure of the Egyptian leader due to the poor economic and political conditions in the Arab country during his first four-year term.

Essam became known for performing in Egypt's Tahrir Square during the popular uprising of 2011, and according to his official Facebook left the country for Finland and Sweden in 2014.

Al-Sisi is the favorite to be re-elected in Egypt's presidential election, which has been criticized by the opposition, while his only rival, the little-known politician Moussa Mustafa Moussa, had openly advocated for al-Sisi's re-election before entering the presidential race.