A Syrian dancer who has escaped life-endangering situations during his country's civil war gave a performance outside the European Parliament on Wednesday to mark World Refugee Day, an epa-efe photojournalist reported.

In front of a sizable crowd of spectators and some 100 refugees who came from all over Europe for the occasion, Ahmad Joudeh busted out his ballet moves on the Esplanade in front of the European Parliament.

"From the ruins of Palmyra to the streets of Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid, Ahmad Joudeh expresses his remarkable art to spread hope and resilience for all those who had the flee war and persecution," the organizing Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament (S&D) said in a statement.

At home in Syria, Joudeh was threatened by extremists who said they "would execute him unless he gives up his dance activities," according to his website.

His mother was supportive of his dancing, while his father disapproved and left the family as a consequence.

Joudeh relocated to Amsterdam in 2016 with help from the Dutch National Ballet, after which he was able to reconcile with his estranged father who was in Berlin.

The performance was "part of a wider initiative to highlight the positive role refugees are playing in European societies," according to S&D.

The United Nations-introduced World Refugee Day aims to raise awareness of the plight of refugees worldwide.