EFEMexico City

Mexico's Grand Warlock, Antonio Vazquez Alba, predicted on Thursday that US President-elect Donald Trump "will enter into harmony" with Mexico after he is takes office, adding nevertheless that this year the incoming US leader will begin building a wall along the mutual border in fulfillment of his campaign promise.

In announcing his predictions for 2017 in a special yearly ritual, the Grand Warlock said that Quetzalcoatl, an ancient god of the Aztecs, will favor this harmony between Trump and Mexico starting on Jan. 20, when the New York billionaire is inaugurated.

"We're going to calm (Trump) down, we're going to harmonize with him - let there be peace with Mexico starting on Jan. 20," said Vazquez before a large photograph of the US president-elect before which he lit three candles as a symbol of his forecast.

Vazquez said that Trump in 2017 will begin building the border wall he announced during his election campaign and Mexicans in the United States will pay for it via a US tax on remittances that they send to their families in Mexico.

Among his other predictions for this year, the Grand Warlock said that it is probable that the United States will be the target of the "largest number of terrorist attacks" on the planet.

He said that 2017 represents the start of a new phase of history for the world and for Mexico, a country that is experiencing economic difficulties due to rising fuel prices and the inability of many Mexicans to pay the higher prices due to low salaries.

Vazquez said that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto will end his mandate in 2018 with no problems although this year poses a big challenge for him in the political realm due to the gubernatorial election in Mexico state, the country's most populous, where the governing PRI party runs the risk of being ousted from power.

He said that that election will be key in determining the result of the 2018 presidential election, where he predicted a defeat for the PRI although he did not say who would emerge victorious.

On Jan. 5, 2016, in his annual prediction last year, Vazquez said that Trump would not be the Republican Party's presidential nominee and that drug kingpin Joaquin "el Chapo" Guzman would never go to prison, something that, in fact, came to pass less than a week later.