EFEMexico City

The government of the state of Puebla in central Mexico on Thursday rescued two dogs who had fallen into a huge sinkhole following a nationwide campaign that pressured the state's governor, Miguel Barbosa, who initially ruled out saving them.

"Thanks to the responsible efforts of the State Civil Protection and Fire Department, Spay and Spike were successfully rescued after their fall into the pit in Santa María Zacatepec," the Puebla government announced on its official social media accounts.

Earlier, the state's governor Miguel Barbosa had warned that dangerous conditions were hampering the rescue of the pets who fell into the sinkhole, with a diameter of over 120 meters (393 feet) and a depth of 50 m (164 feet) at its lowest point, after forming in late May, when it was just five meters (16 feet) wide.

But in just a few hours, users started a petition on Change.org that acquired about 35,000 signatures and launched a social media campaign with images that demanded that the government of Puebla save the animals.