Americano Media and GETTR Announce Livestream of First Conservative Spanish Network

MIAMI, April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Americano Media Group and GETTR announced today that they will begin livestreaming of the Americano Media broadcast beginning April 6th, 2022.

AMERICANO, which launched its broadcasting network on March 8th, has teamed with GETTR to broadcast Americano’s 24 shows 7 days a week across GETTR’s app and site. GETTR, launched in 2021 by former senior Trump advisor Jason Miller, is the fastest growing social media app in history.

“We saw a natural fit between the Americano audience and GETTR users, and we wanted to be GETTR’s Spanish-language source.” said Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo, Americano’s founder and CEO. “Americano, like GETTR, stands for freedom of speech, anti- cancel-culture, and sharing diverse ideas and information.”

“Americano greatly increases our reach and audience across the hemisphere and brings a like-minded audience,” said GETTR CEO Jason Miller. “We are proud to provide an outlet for a company that is committed to protecting freedom of expression and access to real news.”

Americano’s recently released Americano National Hispanic Survey showed that over a third of Hispanics get their news from social media, and GETTR’s livestream will allow both Americano and GETTR to reach an important and growing audience.

Americano’s livestream can be accessed on


Founded by Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo, Americano Media Group aims to be the #1 Hispanic focused news outlet globally focused on the over 500 million Spanish speakers globally. AMERICANO MEDIA strives to empower the Hispanic Community through credible and accessible news, frank discussion, and constant advocacy all through focused entertainment content that supports Hispanic core values. To learn more about AMERICANO please visit:


GETTR USA, Inc., is a privately-held, American social media company. Launched on July 4, 2021, by its Chief Executive Officer, former Senior Trump Advisor, Jason Miller, GETTR champions free speech, rejects cancel-culture, and promotes an uplifting, inspiring platform for all. To date, GETTR is the fastest-growing social media platform in history with users from all around the world. In comparison to the “other guys”, GETTR achieved more than a million subscribed users in less than three days after launching.GETTR recently achieved another milestone of over 3 million subscribed users making it the fastest growing platform in the history of social media.

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