Statement issued by the company (Announcement)

"In August, Applus+ received a Certificate of Appreciation for its contribution to achieve 100,000 man-hours without a lost time injury at the Tyra Redevelopment Project, a big operation for a leading Oil & Gas company in Batam that comprises approximately 15,000 tonnes of wellhead topsides and jacket top replacement on the Tyra East G platform (TEG) jacket and bridges in offshore Denmark.

Applus+ was chosen for this project due to its strong global portfolio of similar projects and its track record in supporting the Oil & Gas industry. The company performs NDT and quality inspection on the fabrication of six module support frames (MSF). These frames will raise the Tyra East Gas platform in the Danish North Sea and rectify a five-metre subsidence into the seabed.

The project started in November 2018 and will last until the end of 2020. It began with an initial crew of 10 inspectors and has rapidly grown to 50. As quality is of fundamental importance, a quality inspector from Applus+ Singapore certifies the team's inspection methods on a monthly basis, together with the quality of inspection processes.

The work is often technically challenging, with inspections taking place at height and in confined spaces. Which is why this last recognition is particularly important, as it highlights Applus+’s commitment with safety as the correct path to maintain the status as a trusted partner of industrial clients. Ardoan Umboh, NDT Operations Manager in Batam, describes it this way: “This safety milestone is the result of teamwork between Applus+ employees and the client, who always put safety as the first priority in every task we perform. In line with Applus+ Golden Safety Rules, we encourage our team to communicate and talk about safety at all times. Safety is our culture”.

The health and safety of the workforce is the ultimate priority at Applus+. Toward that end, the company implements its Golden Safety Rules, 11 simple norms that help to reinforce the employees’ understanding of health and safety issues and promote a culture of risk prevention in areas that have seen the greatest occurrence of incidents or those in which the consequences of incidents have been more serious.

“This achievement is all the more remarkable considering the various challenges faced over the past few months, I would like to take this opportunity to commend all Applus Employees on site for this great achievement and encourage them all to stay vigilant and always look out for each other”, says Joseph Peries, Country Manager of Applus+ in Indonesia.

Applus+ inspires employees to share responsibility in meeting client needs and current legislative requirements, safeguarding the environment and striving for the continual improvement of processes and activities in an effort to keep progressing toward a safer and incident-free future."

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