International news agency EFE has approved new managerial roles across the entire company that will lead a profound digital transformation of products, a new business strategy and the verification of content in the ongoing battle against misinformation.

The newly adopted business strategy — which includes an ambitious and global restructuring of the company — will focus on the development of projects that will address the rise of disinformation and fake news; improve the agency's products; support the development of new technologies including the use of automation and artificial intelligence to streamline and improve the newsgathering coverage EFE offers.

The newly appointed managerial positions are Soledad Álvarez as Director of Information, Esther Rebollo as Director of International and Emilia Pérez as Director of Economy.

Luis Sanz will lead National coverage with Luis Villarejo on Sports and Carlos Gosh working on new areas.

José Manuel Sanz, who up until now had headed the International desk will take on a new role at the helm of International Relations for EFE with the aim of boosting the agency's presence globally across different forums and sectors.

The appointments are in line with the company's policy on gender equality.

The new management team will be implementing a new editorial strategy that was backed by Spain's parliament when Fernando Garea was appointed president.

The aim is to help the agency adapt to the shifting requirements of the current media landscape, triggering a digital restructuring that will enable EFE to compete internationally.

The digital transformation will include the improvement of internal processes by applying new technologies that will boost the potential, experience and capabilities of EFE journalists who every day produce high-quality content from around 100 countries.

In line with a growing thirst for audiovisual content, EFE will also be investing in new online streaming platforms as well as applying new technologies to automate tasks with the use of artificial intelligence.

In the coming weeks a new digital distribution platform, Efeservicios, will be launched offering clients a more attractive, user-friendly and functional experience and a broad range of content that will be more easily accessible.

EFE journalists will also enjoy new digital platforms that are aimed at increasing production levels and granting them, and all other professionals in the agency, with better tools and systems to work with.

The agency is also in the process of joining major international groups and consortia such as The Trust Project, International Fact Checking Network and First Draft News in order to work within transparency standards and produce high-quality information to counter the rise of fake news and misinformation.

EFE is also working with Spanish and Latin American fact-checkers to create a network that will contrast and analyze information with the aim of offering citizens trustworthy news.