Agencia EFE inaugurated in the colonial Nicaraguan city of Granada the exhibit "75 Years in Photos," a review of the world's historic moments, especially in Nicaragua and throughout Latin America.

"We're celebrating the 75th anniversary of EFE with a graphic exhibit of Nicaragua, Latin America and the world, starting from the days of Franco," EFE Americas director Alfredo Aycart said during the inauguration.

Attending the exhibit, which opened at La Casa de los Tres Mundos in Granada, were diplomatic delegations from Spain, Japan and the European Union.

Also on hand were the general director and codirector of the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture, Vilma de la Rocha and Luis Alonso, respectively, as well as the codirector of the National Film Library, Idania Castilla, and her husband.

"For me it is an honor to inaugurate so symbolic an event, with photos of dramatic and also beautiful moments that show all that Spain and Latin America have in common," the adjunct head of the European Delegation to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, Giovanni Di Girolamo, said.

The exhibition is made up of 75 photographs of the leading Spanish-language news agency in the world, of which 50 show historic events worldwide and 25 are dedicated exclusively to Nicaragua.

The Spanish ambassador to Nicaragua, Rafael Garranzo, spoke of the reflections that the exhibition awakened in him.

"The first reflection is that EFE was always there, we always have graphic testimony and behind that a narrative testimony," Garranzo said.

The pictures in the exhibit "EFE 75 Years in Photos" pay tribute to the mission of the news agency, a quiet, anonymous labor that contributes so much to the public's knowledge of reality in a professional, disciplined and truthful way.

The exhibit will be open to the public for at least a week in Granada, after which it will move to the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture in Managua.

The exhibit was organized in the Central American country by EFE on the occasion of its recent 75th anniversary, with the backing of the European Union, Movistar, the Nicaraguan government, the Spanish Embassy, Mapfre and La Casa de los Tres Mundos

Also giving their support have been the makers of the well-known Nicaraguan rum Flor de Caña, the Hotel Dario and media like the newspapers La Prensa and El Nuevo Diario.