The fight against climate change is "one of humanity's main challenges" and now is the time for countries to take measures that will enable them to comply with the Paris Accord, the president of Spain's international news agency, Agencia EFE - Jose Antonio Vera - said here Thursday.

"The current moment is decisive for countries in developing the legislative and technological machinery to allow them to comply with the agreed national objectives to reduce emissions starting in 2020," he said.

Vera on Thursday in Santiago inaugurated a forum organized by Agencia EFE in which presidential candidates and representatives of the country's main political parties took part to discuss the impact of climate change on the South American nation and to present proposals to deal with the problem.

The forum, entitled "The great challenge for Chile in the face of climate change" and sponsored by the Acciona company, was participated in by representatives of the Let's Go Chile, New Majority, Broad Front, Christian Democracy and Progressive Party presidential candidacies.

Vera said that climate change is "the most serious threat that we're facing as a species" and he emphasized that this phenomenon has been "induced and accelerated by the actions of man."

"Climate change is happening here and now. It's not pie in the sky, and the train of the new model of development that requires that it be combatted has already left the station," he warned.

The phenomenon, he said, is a "global problem with local implications on resources that are key for our survival, despite the discourse of denial."

Vera said that the seriousness of the situation made the international community react and in 2015 achieve the Paris Climate Accord, which reached "unprecedented international consensus" with the commitment of 195 nations.

The EFE president emphasized that Chile is part of the coalition of countries that worked for a more ambitious accord and headed a dialogue in Latin America on that subject.

"Chile is an environmental power, a vast territory from north to south with a unique biodiversity: deserts like the Atacama - the driest on the planet - glacier fields, mountains, lakes and forests. A wealth that has been lost, or that we have destroyed, in other parts of the world," he said.

"That is wealth, and politics, true politics, that which is in the service of the community, knows that we citizens want and need to preserve that patrimony," Vera added.