Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said Wednesday that his government would provide aid totaling $5.29 billion to needy citizens and large families.

"It is important to promote measures that seek to increase the well-being of the population," Nazarbayev said during the opening session of the ruling Nur Otan party's congress marking the 20th anniversary of its founding.

The president said the social assistance program would be implemented over the next three years.

The economic situation was the main theme of the session held several days after the dismissal of the Kazakh government.

Nazarbayev said last week that he would overhaul his Cabinet due to economic mismanagement.

The Central Asian country's leader said he had entrusted the previous government with making higher incomes and an improvement in citizens' standard of living priorities, tasks that were not fulfilled.

After dismissing the government, Nazarbayev promised that the new Cabinet would take "effective measures" to advance the mission entrusted to its predecessors.

In his address to members of the Nur Otan party, which controls parliament with an absolute majority, the head of state said that Kazakhstan would hold presidential and legislative elections in 2020, and must "ensure the trust of the people."

Nazarbayev called for a balanced social policy and warned that he would personally ensure that state resources reached their destination.