efe-epaJablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic

A committed swimmer in the Czech Republic on Monday morning took an ice-cold dip in a frozen-over reservoir, as witnessed by an epa photojournalist on the ground.

This was not a one-off, as 58-year-old Petr Voboril from the nearby town of Jablonec nad Nisou ventures to the Mseno reservoir everyday around sunrise to enjoy a chilly morning bath.

Epa images showed Voboril _ who according to local media has taken baths in the reservoir for about four years _ reduced to wearing swimming trunks, a hat and gloves, as he chipped away with an axe to break the ice before using a saw to carve out a square-shaped hole fit for bathing in.

He tends to bathe in the same place each morning, after removing the ice that formed in his makeshift bath overnight, the photographer said.

The freezing temperatures that have befallen Europe over the past week have seen him smashing through ice measuring about 30 centimeters in depth (11.8 inches) in order to reach the water below.

The temperature was around -4 C (-24.8 F) at the time the images were taken, while the water temperature was 0.6 C, according to the epa source.

Winter swimming is a popular activity in the Central European country, where clubs dedicated to the pastime organize regular competitions.