At least 38 migrants were rescued on Wednesday in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of al-Hoceima in northern Morocco, local police sources told EFE.

Four people were killed in the incident and three remained missing at sea after their dinghy capsized late on Tuesday, the sources said.

The four bodies had washed up on nearby beaches and were reported to be of sub-Saharan origin.

The survivors were taken for medical treatment in the city of al-Hoceima, medical sources said.

Initially, 19 people had been rescued from the water near the Spanish-administered Alhucemas islands, and emergency services said that continuing adverse weather conditions hampered survival chances for the missing.

On Tuesday, 64 people were rescued from two dinghies near the al-Hoceima coast in what has represented an unseasonal spike in migration-related incidents in that stretch of the Mediterranean.

On Wednesday, Spain's interior minister Juan Ignacio Zoido was scheduled to visit his Moroccan counterpart Mohamed Hassad amid ongoing collaborative operations to combat illegal immigration into Spain from Morocco.