efe-epaSydney, Australia

A woman suspected of placing sewing needles in strawberries in Australia faces up to 10 years in prison, Australian police said on Monday after announcing the charges.

My Ut Trinh, 50, was charged with seven counts of "contamination of goods, with the circumstance of aggravation," Jon Wacker, superintendent of the Queensland Police Drug and Serious Crime Group, said in a news conference in the northeast of the country.

The woman, a strawberry farm worker, was arrested on Sunday and appeared in a Brisbane court on Monday.

Wacker said that there were 186 reports of needles found in strawberries.

He added that 15 incidents were believed to be hoaxes or false complaints.

The sabotage of the fruit supplies prompted supermarkets to remove strawberries from their shelves and forced farmers to discard tons of their crops.