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At least 145 politicians, including 48 candidates and pre-candidates, were murdered across Mexico during the election process, according to a study by Etellekt, a risk-analysis firm.

The firm said that 627 incidents of violence against politicians were registered since the campaign season began on Sept. 8, 2017, until Jun. 30, a day before election day.

Besides the murders, the firm said that 206 threats and intimidation, 85 physical attacks, 57 firearm assaults and 52 attacks against family members that caused 50 fatalities were added to the total number of violent incidents against politicians and candidates across Mexico.

According to Etellekt, 36 violent assaults, 25 firearm injuries, 21 kidnappings and attempted kidnappings, and another 351 murders of non-elected officials, including 307 security personnel, were also recorded during this period.

The firm also stressed that in the 36 hours leading up to Jul. 1, Mexico saw 46 assaults and nine murders, including those of an Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) leader in Quintana Roo and three militants of the same party in Michoacan, as well as five militants of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) party in the State of Mexico.

Next week, the firm is set to release its seventh Political Violence Report, which will incorporate final figures of aggression against politicians and candidates on Jul. 1 and evaluate the impact of this violence on the results in some states and neighborhoods.

The Mexicans voted on Sunday to choose 3,400 representatives at the federal, state and municipal levels, including the president, deputies, senators, eight governors and the head of government of the State of Mexico.