EFEBy Amjad Ali Islamabad

Two brothers, aged 10 and two years respectively, were separated during the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, leaving one in India and the other in Pakistan, until 74 years later, when an online campaign managed to reunite them.

Muhammed Siddique and his younger brother Muhammed Habib now hope for a visa would allow their long-awaited permanent reunification.

"Enough tears, we are finally together again," Habib told his older brother, who was crying as they melted into a hug in Punjab province in northern Pakistan, without being sure whether, after that meet, they would come face to face again.

Their story goes back to August 1947, when after 300 years of presence in the Indian subcontinent, the British left their "Crown Jewel" divided into two - India, with a Hindu majority, and a Muslim Pakistan.