The wife of a Taiwanese human rights activist detained in China could not travel to Beijing Monday after her entry permit into the country was revoked.

Lee Ching-yu, whose husband, Lee Ming-che, has been detained since Mar. 19 at an undisclosed location in China for alleged acts against national security, told reporters at Taipei airport that she will not allow herself to be manipulated.

"My husband needs freedom, but also dignity, because without it he would live like a dog," she said.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the Chinese State Council announced Sunday that it had put an organization, which it did not name, in charge of messages from Lee Ming-che to his wife and parents.

In a statement Sunday, Lee Ching-yu revealed that an intermediary from China had warned her that if she flew to Beijing, a confession by her husband would be aired on television, and had ordered her to maintain a low profile and cooperate.

She said she would not recognize any confession or statement by her husband before seeing him personally, adding that she had been passed a photocopy of an alleged confession on Apr. 7.

Lee Ming-che, a human rights activist and former worker for Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party, was arrested after entering China through the city of Zhuhai in Guangdong province on Mar. 19 during a private visit.