The two Canadian men China had detained since December 2018 were released on bail "for health reasons," state media reported late Saturday.

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, who were accused of espionage, returned to Canada on Saturday.

Their release came as Chinese tech giant Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou returned to Shenzhen from Vancouver after reaching an agreement with United States authorities, which suspended the extradition process against her.

The two Chinese courts that tried Kovrig and Spavor approved their "release on bail" on Saturday, state news agency Xinhua reported, citing Chinese "national security authorities."

"The two defendants applied for release on bail for health reasons," Xinhua said.

"Based on verifications and medical diagnoses, the courts on Saturday approved their release on bail and ruled on the suspension of their trials. The national security authorities were tasked to enforce the court decisions."