Political leaders, activists, global organizations and companies from around the world are getting ready to descend on the Scottish city of Glasgow for the United Nations COP26 climate summit, which kicks off on 31 October.

Here is a look at some of the summit’s headliners.


JOE BIDEN: One of the first things Biden did as United States president was to return to the Paris Agreement after his predecessor, Donald Trump, withdrew from the accord to keep global temperatures below 1.5 or 2C above pre-industrial levels. Biden’s administration has made the climate crisis one of its main focuses. His relationship with China, mired in security and trade disputes, will be one of the key issues at the Glasgow summit.

JOHN KERRY: The president’s special envoy for climate, Kerry signed the US up to the Paris Agreement during his time as secretary of state under Barack Obama in 2015. Kerry will play an important role at COP26 following a year of meetings around the world in preparation for the summit.EFE