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Cuban authorities on Sunday reinstated the work permits of two of the five journalists with the Agencia Efe team that got their press credentials revoked.

Gabriela Canas, the news agency's president, said that getting back only two work permits was insufficient and demanded all credentials be restored.

The team - three reporters, a photographer and a videographer - received Saturday an urgent summons to the International Press Center, where they were informed that they were to cease work immediately.

The International Press Institute (IPI) condemned the decision in a Twitter post and called on the authorities to reverse it.

“IPI strongly condemns the decision by Cuban authorities to revoke @EFEnoticias press accreditation and urges to reinstate it immediately.

"It is vital for people in #Cuba and around the world to receive accurate news from the island at this crucial time.”

Yunior Garcia Aguilera, one of the leaders of the planned anti-government demonstrations in Cuba, said on Sunday the government was preventing him from leaving his house to go on a march from Havana.

In a Facebook live video, Garcia Aguilera said that agents deployed outside his house on the outskirts of the Cuban capital have thrown out several journalists who were trying to cover the events.

"My house woke up under siege, the entire building is surrounded by plain-clothes agents," said the playwright turned activist.

Garcia Aguilera also denounced the agents tried to dismiss several foreign journalists who had approached the building.

"They made them leave with shouts and threats," he added.

Despite the presence of the security forces and the possibility of getting arrested, Garcia Aguilera said he was ready to march.

"I am ready, dressed in white, as you can see, and when possible I will leave the house," he stressed.

Garcia Aguilera announced this week he would march solo with a white flower from the center of Havana on Sunday, on the eve of the planned protest he and a group of activists called to demand political reforms.

The Cuban government, which rejected requests for the November 15 march, criticized the organizers and said that the United States was behind this initiative.EFE