Spanish police on Tuesday said they had arrested a man who was allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine through Barcelona's airport by stashing the drug under a toupee.

Officers from Spain's National Police force pulled the Colombian national aside after he landed at Barcelona's El Prat airport on a flight from Bogotá.

The flight had been specially flagged up by security as "hot," meaning it would be subject to extra security checks.

"Detained in Barcelona with drugs in his toupee... His hair's going to fall off!" police said in a tweet.

"The ingenuity of drug traffickers knows no limits when it comes to getting past security," they added in a statement issued alongside some peculiar pictures of the suspect.

According to the statement, the suspect was trying to smuggle over half a kilo of the narcotic substance into Spain, which would have an estimated street value of more than 30,000 euros ($33,600).

A police image of the man standing side-on showed a pronounced loft to his hairpiece.

In a second image, the man stood facing the camera without the toupee, clearly showing a black package perched on top of his head.

Police said: "Performing routine controls on arrival flights considered hot, the officers detained a Colombian citizen from Bogotá (Colombia) who had the appearance of a tourist on first impressions but later attracted their attention due to his notable nervousness and the disproportionate size of the toupee he wore.

"When proceeding with his identification, officers saw that underneath his hat, he was wearing a wig that because of its size prompted suspicions he could be hiding an illegal substance underneath it."

Officers searched underneath the hairpiece and found a package that had been glued to the top of the suspect's head.

Further investigations found that the package contained 503 grams of cocaine.

The Colombian national has since been charged with crimes against public health.

The hair-raising arrest took place at the end of June. EFE-EPA