EFESanta Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Spanish society was shaken on Thursday evening after authorities discovered the body of a six-year-old girl in a sports bag at the bottom of the sea in Tenerife.

According to local authorities, the body is most likely to be that of Olivia, who went missing on April 27 along with her one-year-old sister Anna and their father.

The discovery has confirmed the worst suspicions and broken hopes of the girls' mother, Beatriz, who always defended the hypothesis that their father had fled the country with the girls.

At around 7 pm on Thursday, regional Canary Islands authorities announced their search teams had found the body inside a gym bag weighed down by an anchor 1,000 metres deep in the sea.

The girls were last seen on April 27, when their father Tomás G. failed to bring the children back to their mother Beatriz at 9 pm as agreed.