EFEMiami, US

The 30-year-old white rhinoceros Helen, one of the attractions of Walt Disney World Resort's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, along with her fellow habitat mates, has joined the worldwide human craze of using wearable technology to track daily activity.

"With wearable fitness trackers being so accessible – from watches on your wrist to apps on your phone – it's simple and convenient to see how much ground you've covered throughout the day between visits to your favorite attractions, restaurants and shows," the company wrote on the Disney Parks blog this week.

"Well, at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, there's a new species 'horning in' on this fitness craze … rhinos!"

Helen roams the artificial savannah of Animal Kingdom's Kilimanjaro Safari wearing an activity tracker, similar to those used by people around the world, to collect data on the number of steps she takes a day.