Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte revealed Sunday a list of 159 names which includes judges, mayors, legislators, police and military officials, allegedly linked to drug trafficking, and gave them 24 hours to surrender.

The list contains the names and positions held by 159 people: eight judges, 53 mayors and ex-mayors, three members of Parliament, and 95 police and military officers.

Duterte, who had vowed to end crime and drugs in the archipelago within six months of becoming president, said the crimes of each of the listed people have been confirmed and verified by the police and the military.

The judges have to turn themselves into the Supreme Court, the police officers to the Philippine National Police, or PNP, the military personnel to the Chief of Staff, and government officials to the Interior Ministry.

The Philippine leader gave them "24 hours" to report to their mother units, in a speech at the Panacan naval base in Davao, a city where he was mayor for many years and which earned him fame for his unrelenting anti-crime stance.

"If you do not do that, I will order the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the entire PNP to hunt for you," he threatened.

Duterte, who also ordered the cancellation of all arms permits and licenses for those on the list - including police and military officers - admitted he could be wrong and assumed full responsibility for the same.

The 71-year-old said it is "very important" that the people know how things in the country are, adding it was the commitment he made when he was sworn in as leader.

Each of those named would be entitled to a trial, he said, and that he owed it to his countrymen to reveal the truth.

"I put at stake my life, honor," he declared, according to national news agency PNA.

The battle against crime and drugs has become the cornerstone of Duterte's presidency, and he remains undaunted even in the face of criticism from the UN and other human rights advocacy groups for having allowed security forces to kill any criminal or offender who does not surrender.

Over 800 alleged wrongdoers have died in the Philippines since Duterte emerged triumphant in the elections held May 9, according to local media reports.