EFEBy Taha Mohamed Cairo

Egyptians on Thursday marked Eid al-Fitr, the culmination of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, with many seemingly unconcerned about Covid-19, despite a recent spike in the coronavirus infections in the country.

“I am not worried about the coronavirus. It is not the only cause of death," Amr Taha, a 36-year-old Egyptian told Efe, on the first of the the three-day holiday.

“You can die walking on the street, standing still, chilling at home, sleeping, or enjoying a meal with your people. Death is so close; it can come at any moment,” he said.

Although he kept to the tradition of performing the Eid prayers, he opted for a unique way to celebrate the occasion; by fishing on the banks of the River Nile near Cairo’s Zamalek neighborhood.

“This is the happiest place on earth for me to mark Eid: to stay on the banks of the Nile and fish,” said Taha, one of a handful men who were fishing without masks.

After being unable to fish during Ramadan due to the heat and the daily fasts, he is looking forward to sharing his catch with his family and celebrate Eid in style.