Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has been recognized as the interim president of the South American country by more than 50 countries, on Friday denounced the alleged detention of two members of his security team by the President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

Guaido warned that the arrested officers of his security apparatus who were guarding his family in the Venezuelan capital were being tortured in the detention.

“Cowardly regime kidnaps members of my team, Erick Sánchez and Jason Parisi, who were in Caracas guarding my family while I am in Trujillo (western region). The nature of the regime, its fear, divisions and contradictions are the biggest obstacle to a peaceful solution," Guaido wrote on Twitter.

In another tweet he wrote that the two men were “probably" being “tortured at this moment”.

He said the Maduro government would be able to stop him until he regained freedom and respect for human rights in Venezuela.

On Jun.26, Guaido claimed that an armed civil group intercepted a part of his team while he was in a vehicle to "kidnap his personnel".

At that time he was able to bring the situation under control by directly asking the armed group about the source of the order to detain his security men.

He said that the suspected kidnappers did not reveal their identity, although he claimed that they belonged to the Directorate General of Military Counterintelligence.

"I believe that it is evident that my persecution, of my people, of the National Assembly responds to the fact that they want to eliminate a valid dialog with the world," he said.

Venezuela has been witnessing extreme political tensions since January, when Maduro was sworn in for another six-year term after winning elections that were described as fraudulent by the opposition.

In response, Guaido proclaimed himself as the interim president, although he lacks control over the administration or armed forces.

Amid the political crisis, other people close to Guaido have also been detained, including his Chief of Staff Roberto Marrero, and his deputy Edgar Zambrano.

Marrero was detained in March and was alleged by the Maduro government of leading a terrorist cell while Zambrano was arrested in May following allegations that he was involved in the failed military uprising which led by Guaido on Apr. 30. EFE-EPA