EFEMosul, Iraq

A firing squad of the Islamic State jihadist group executed Saturday at a military camp in the city of Mosul at least 300 civil servants who worked for the Iraqi Supreme Electoral Commission, according to witnesses and security officials.

The spokesman for National Multitude, a military force in Nineveh province whose capital is Mosul, Mahmoud al-Sauaryih, told EFE that at least 50 of those shot to death at the Al Gazlani camp were women.

Meanwhile, the national office of the Electoral Commission said in a communique that the IS jihadists cut the throats of another group of its employees in Mosul.

The commission asked the international community, the United Nations and human rights organizations to "intervene immediately to stop the massacre and crimes against the Iraqi people."

The victims' families told EFE that the jihadists informed them of the deaths of their mothers, fathers, sons and daughters but did not hand over their bodies.

The families learned of the massacre from an IS radical who goes by the name of Mahmoud Salam and is in charge of drawing up lists of the slain.

Salam said the victims "were shot for being apostates and infidels" and were sentenced to "their just punishment by a sharia (Islamic law) court" established by the radical group.

He added that in a few days a list will be published of the 500 people recently executed in Mosul.

Two days ago, Nineveh Gov. Atheel al-Nujaifi reported the execution of 2,070 people at the hands of IS in Mosul over a two-week period, a figure that has been confirmed by other Iraqi leaders such as Parliament Speaker Saleem al-Jabouri, though the dates of the slayings have not been specified.

Meanwhile, a security official of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Giyas Surja, told EFE that 20 days ago, IS launched a campaign of massive arrests that is terrorizing the entire city of Mosul, and that on Friday at least 50 police agents were jailed.

IS overran Mosul on June 10 of last year and since then has gained control over other cities in northern Iraq, where it declared a caliphate in the lands it has subjected in this country and in Syria.