A drug trafficking network allegedly bringing cocaine from South America to Italy has been disbanded, Italian police said Tuesday.

Investigations were ongoing in Reggio Calabria, Milan, Naples, Bologna and Pescara, according to a statement released by Italian police.

Members of the Spanish police assisted in the operation, which led to the arrests of several people in different regions of Italy.

Among those detained included several people linked to the Morabito-Bruzzanti-Palamara group, which is responsible for a "'ndrina", a unit belonging to the "'Ndrangheta" Calabrian mafia.

According to Italian police, some 37 people were being sought in connection with alleged involvement in international narcotics trafficking.

The network's dismantling also saw anti-drugs operations being carried out at Madrid's Barajas international airport, thwarting the shipment of 35 kilograms of cocaine from Colombia.

The group was believed to have been operating between Italy and Colombia, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Spain, according to Italian police, who said it had been able to seize unspecified amounts of cocaine.

The operation showed the strength and capacity of the Calabrian cartels to be able to import huge amounts of cocaine from Colombia, police said.