efe-epaVenice, Italy

James Gray sci-fi drama set in the future Ad Astra will make its world premiere at the 76th edition of the Venice International Film Festival.

The film, starring and producing by Brad Pitt, faced several difficulties during the post-production process that prevented it from premiering at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Asking for the experience of writing and directing a film that gathers a travel to outer space and an intimate story James Gray said that they decided “to try and tell the small as possible story in the biggest possible tapestry.”

"In the tiny becomes the universal," he added.

Brad Pitt is the star and producer of the film, where he plays an elite astronaut who travels to outer space to find his missing father (Tommy Lee Jones) and unravel a mystery that threatens the future of humanity.

"This is the most challenging film I’ve ever worked on," Pitt said.

"The story is so delicate and we knew that any clips, voiceover could tip the film over, make it too obvious, so it was a constant effort just to try to maintain this balance and try to keep the story unfolding in a very subtle and delicate way."

James Gray’s films, such as The Lost City of Z, The Immigrant, Two Lovers and We Own the Night, were nominated in several international film festivals.

"I really believe in the narrative," Gray said.

"For narrative, I’d like to steal from the best people I’ve been obsessed with Moby Dick, in particular."

The 76th edition of the Venice Film Festival will also show ‘Pelikanblut’, by Katrin Gebbe, and “Ema”, by Pablo Larrain.

Netflix will take part in the ongoing edition with ‘The Laundromat’, by Steven Soderbergh.

The film, starring Meryl Streep and Antonio Banderas, is a thriller based on Panama papers.

‘The Burnt Orange Heresy’ by Giuseppe Capotondi will close the festival on 7 Sept. EFE-EPA