Global superstar Lionel Messi has proved to be a gold mine for Paris Saint-Germain just a month after joining the Ligue 1 team.

Messi is set to earn 80 million euros in salary and expenses this year but sport business experts consulted by Efe said this sum "is in the process of being amortized."

The reimbursement for his price will come through three channels — social media, merchandizing and non-conventional sponsorship, not to mention Uefa Champions League revenues, which could reach 100 million euros depending on the results.

“Messi's signing is practically amortized, at least it will be at the end of this season,” Virgile Caillet, one of France’s most prominent sports marketing executives, said.

Messi’s arrival boosted the club’s social media visibility by 20% to 134.9 million followers across different platforms, a “quickly monetizable” increase, according to Caillet.

PSG’s shirt sales are expected to grow by between 30 and 40% per season thanks to Messi. The French club gets only 20% of the standard price per shirt (some 140 euros) according to market sources.