efe_epaCeuta (Spain)

Some 500 sub-Saharan migrants on Friday entered the autonomous Spanish city of Ceuta after breaching the border fence with Morocco, police sources said.

The mass crossing, according to police, took place at about 5:00 am local time and was spread across four different points along the border fence.

About 350 received medical assistance over injuries sustained during the mass attempt to cross into Spain.

Members of the Red Cross and other emergency teams gave priority to those with cuts and bruises after jumping the fence, which is about six meters high.

Those who were not treated waited at a temporary migrant center, which has a capacity for 512 people and is usually full.

The last attempt to enter Spanish territory by such a large group was on Dec. 9, when some 438 sub-Saharan migrants _ of 800 who tried _ managed to enter Ceuta.

According to information released by the European border agency Frontex, about 1,000 migrants reached the Spanish territories of Ceuta and Melilla in 2016, a lower number than previous years.