The Organization of American States on Wednesday approved a plan to call a meeting of member states' foreign ministers to discuss the Venezuelan political crisis.

After the vote, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez announced that Caracas on Thursday will begin the procedure of leaving the OAS after the international body voted to hold the meeting without her country's approval.

"Tomorrow (on Thursday), as the president, Nicolas Maduro, indicated, we will present the letter of resignation to the Organization of American States and begin a procedure that will take 24 months," said Rodriguez from the Miraflores presidential palace in remarks broadcast by state-run VTV television.

Voting in favor of the proposal were 19 nations: Guyana, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the United States, Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay

Voting against the measure were: Venezuela, Antigua & Barbuda, Bolivia, Dominica, Ecuador, Haiti, Nicaragua, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Suriname.

Abstaining were Belize, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad & Tobago, while Grenada was absent from the session

Venezuela had threatened to withdraw from the OAS if the foreign ministers' meeting were to be held, a process that would take two years during which all of Caracas' pending debts to the international body - amounting to some $8.7 million, at last tally - would need to be paid.

It has not yet been specified where or when the meeting will take place and the only thing approved in the vote on Wednesday was that it would be held.

Venezuela's envoy to the OAS, Samuel Moncada, rejected Wednesday's vote and - before the vote was taken - he reiterated the threat made on Tuesday by Rodriguez, who said that Caracas would leave the organization if the foreign ministers' meeting were to be held.