Buildings across the United Kingdom capital were illuminated overnight in memory of the victims of a deadly fire that swept through a residential apartment block in West London exactly one year ago on Thursday.

Grenfell Tower itself and other sites, including the prime minister's official residence at Downing Street and the London Eye, were lit up green overnight.

"1 year ago at 00:54 a fire started at Grenfell Tower. 72 lives were lost because of that fire and our lives were changed forever. Forever in our Hearts," citizens' group Grenfell United tweeted.

Besides claiming the lives of 72 people, the blaze destroyed family homes when it swiftly gutted the tower block in the early hours of June 14, 2017.

The 24-story block in North Kensington had been home to some 350 people, according to the UK authorities.

"The terrible tragedy of Grenfell Tower remains very real, raw and painful for many people, every day," Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick said in a statement.

"The continued resilience and sense of spirit shown by the community at the heart of this tragedy is inspiring," she said, adding: "Many of us will take time today, one year on, to think back and remember."

A minute of silence would be held at midday across the country in honor of the victims.

The tragedy led to a crackdown on similar buildings across the country after the cladding covering Grenfell Tower's facade was found to fall short of fire safety standards.