Italy's new prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni, on Monday took the oath of office before President Sergio Mattarella, scarcely an hour after having made public the composition of his government.

The inauguration took place in Rome's Quirinale presidential palace at 8 pm following standard procedure.

"I swear to be faithful to the republic, to respect the constitution and the laws and to carry out my duties in favor of the exclusive interest of the nation," Gentiloni declared before Mattarella.

After being sworn in, Gentiloni stood beside the president and the pair administered the oaths of office to the ministers comprising the new government formed after the resignation of Matteo Renzi following the failure of the Dec. 4, constitutional referendum upon which he had staked his future as premier.

Once all the ministers had taken their oaths, they posed for the traditional group photo alongside Mattarella.

The Gentiloni government is comprised of 18 ministers, two more than the government over which Renzi presided, with five of the ministries headed by women and 13 by men.

Although the majority of the ministers had served in the same capacities under Renzi, the new premier made changes at the Interior, Education and Foreign Ministries.

Heading Italian diplomacy will be Angelino Alfano, taking over that portfolio from Gentiloni himself. To date, Alfano has been interior minister, a portfolio that passes into the hands of Marco Minniti, and Valeria Fedelli becomes education minister, replacing Stefania Giannini.

Another change comes in the Parliamentary Relations Ministry, to be headed by Anna Finocchiaro replacing Maria Elena Boschi, who had been a key minister for Renzi but in Gentiloni's cabinet will take over as undersecretary to the premier.

In addition, Gentiloni created two new ministries - Territorial and Southern Cohesion, headed by Claudio De Vincenti, and Sports, which will be under the administration of Luca Lotti.

The other ministers include: Andrea Orlando heading the Justice Ministry; Roberta Pinotti at Defense; Pier Carlo Padoan at Finance, Carlo Calenda at Economic Development; Graziano Delrio at Infrastructure; Beatrice Lorenzin at Health and Maurizio Martina at Agriculture.

Also, Giuliano Poletti will head the Labor Ministry; Gianluca Galletti will be at Environment; Dario Franceschini at Culture, Enrico Costa at Regional Affairs and Marianna Madia at the Simplification of Public Administration Ministry.

The members of the new government will appear before the Chamber of Deputies at 11 am for their investiture, while on Wednesday they will do the same before the Senate.